Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dulcinea's Churros – my favorite kind of dessert

churros con chocolate this delectable dessert using the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate is definitely an addicting treat. I so want to have this for everyday, except that it's really high-priced if i'm gonna have this everyday.

I've already tried different kinds of churros but the one from Dulcinea is probably the best. The dark chocolate is amongst the richest that I ever tasted and the most affordable too.

That is why I'm ecstatic after I discovered that Metrodeal offers this spanish dessert delight for only 118! I can now enjoy this buy-one-get-one package at 64% off, now that is one amazing treat!

This amazing treat is best shared with friends, I want to buy this voucher and write about it with friends. For sure they will also love this!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mouthwatering gourmet dishes at Tony Roma's

Mouthwatering ribs, barbecued chicken, delicious seafood dishes and fresh fresh salads these are the things that I love about Tony Roma's. Every little thing is sinfully gastronomical, added to that is the playful atmosphere that really brightens up every customers' delight. I've been here several times and I would love to come back for more.

The Manhattan vibe causes it to become more lively, and that's the other reason we love to dine here with friends. What's more exciting is that Metrodeal always have an available deal posted on the website, wherein one who avails on the discount voucher can enjoy 45% discount from the original price, now that's a good deal! : )

And as usual, I acquired more vouchers for more bargains, for I'm planning on celebrating occasions and dates with my sweetheart of 4 years and counting. And since she's into food blogging, she'll definitely enjoy this wonderful gastronomic feast that I'm planning here at Tony Roma's.

For sure she'll be falling head over heels because of their best mouthwatering ribs that I really love. And I think I must check on Tony Roma's website for their additional perks for the month of April, May and June. Yay for discounts and giveaways!

I simply can't wait for this. This promo is definitely a steal for all.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The amazing microfiber dry hair brush from MetroDeal

This is my daily dilemma- I usually have split ends and dandruff because I don't have time to dry my hair especially when i'm in a hurry. And because of this my hair hair is prone to be brittle and unruly too.

I can't find any solid ways to prevent my hair to have this particular ungodly sight. I always enjoy my long wavy locks, but if it's unruly and crazy then It will be an everyday disaster.

There's this one time i saw a microfiber brush that can guarantee to dry the hair within just minutes because of the microfiber strands attached with the body. I'd really love to have one really, but then it is certainly pricey for me. I'm still scouring for any great alternative that will keep my hair dry and healthy bath.

It is a surprise for me personally to saw this amazing promo from Metrodeal the microfiber dry hair brush can only be availed for only 399 instead of 1000 pesos, now that's a good deal! Because of this amazing promo I'll be getting one in a heart beat!

Can't wait to have this amazing deal soon!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Affordable vacation at Palm Plaza Hotel

Staycations are something that I've been doing for recent years whenever I want to get free from my usual routine yet I don't like to go far away from the metropolis. Having a place to stay and to unwind is a must, especially at this time where everything around me is a massive chaos and everyone around me stresses me out big time.

One of the nearest places for staycation personally is at Palm Plaza Hotel that is situated in Malate, Manila. It's not as grand as other hotels however it has a cozy room, comfy bed, useful amenities, and fast and efficient service. I think the place is wonderful for a quick getaway near the place somewhere in Manila.

Their rates are affordable enough for me, but I was surprised that Metrodeal has a promo posted on their web site! Glad that they slashed the retail price lower than I expected, for there're now offering 17% discount on the room rates! Now every discount is an excellent deal, and this one happens to be a steal.

Now that they received this promo, I'll be defnitely buying this promo from Metrodeal, can't wait!: )

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Touring around Quezon during the Pahiyas festival

I love the sights and sounds on the Pahiyas Festival! The food, the houses, the festival and the traditions says that everything about Quezon is significant with their culture and heritage, and I can not help but to admire them for their love for their province.

But I had to admit, going to provinces to get a glimpse of their festivals is indeed expensive because of the transportation allowance, place to rest and dining in, and of course on where to buy inexpensive but cute souvenirs.

To thing that Metrodeal comes with an offer posted just now: the day package during the Pahiyas Festival is an issue that really caught my eye coz it really is affordable! I can't believe the idea, with it's inclusions, I think it's a good deal, now I can buy it in a jiff lols!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food – Yummy Taiwanese foodie treats at less cost

Taiwanese food is just like any Chinese food even so the difference is that Taiwanese food features a distinct flavor that everybody adores. Everything is light, airy, scrumptious, filling and delicious. And while using the freshest ingredients, it'll be surely a winner for everyone.

There are also taiwanese food stalls and dining establishments around. I can't compare them though to the real thing for I haven't been to Taiwan and I would love to go there to try their delectable and sometimes exotic dishes. Well that can wait though.

While I've already tried a lot of the Taiwanese restaurants around the City, there's this one that stood out for me personally. Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food is laidback and comfy, yet delicious and freshly made. The site is clean alright, and I love the ambience overall.

Added to Yen Yen's delicious treats will be this promo from Metrodeal, that they this voucher deal! I can now buy this amazing 500 pesos worth of food and drinks via Yen yen for only 299, that is certainly really amazing!

Can't help but to purchase this deal. With its positive reviews on their restaurant, you will never gonna go wrong with that. I've no hesitations for this place, that I why I bought more for my friends.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Experience exercise for less at Gold's Gym

I'm already in my 30's, over weight, fat and unhealthy. My doctors are actually telling me to slim down, to take control on my desire for food, and to exercise.

That is the reason why I signed up to Gold's Gym after i bought several vouchers from Metrodeal. Come to think about it, the price for a 1-month membership posted on the group buying site is much cheaper than availing on the usual monthly membership that costs 5000 pesos.

It's good to obtain this amazing deals from Metrodeal, and because of their status as one of the trusted brands this year through Reader's Digest, one is assured to possess an amazing online transaction from the website itself.

that is why I don’t also believe in the metrodeal complaints posted on the net, I had a great purchase and all voucher purchases went well in my opinion.

Will buy more deals through Metrodeal soon!

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