Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Delicious treats at Black Canyon Coffee

I love coffee and I enjoy treats. It has been my drug especially when i'm sleepy and I need my adrenaline rush in the office. Coffee at certain coffee shops are simply meh to me, especially towards well-known coffee shops around, that's why I'm now looking for some other available coffee shops for creative options.

And then I saw Black Canyon Coffee, a shop that is situated in Taguig that provides delectable coffee delights and sumptuous meals that will surely satisfy your palettes.

That is why this promo from Metrodeal is amongst the most affordable promos that I've ever seen nowadays for only 250 pesos, I am able to avail on their 500 pesos worth of food and drinks, and it's a great deal! That is why I purchased much more that I could use most of it on certain occasions.

Glad that i made my purchases at metrodeal, till the next!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quick escape to the city at Coolwaves Ranch and Waterpark Resort

It's already rainy season and I wanna have a quick getaway from the city even of it's just for a day. Weird as it might seems, but I wanna swim for the whole day and have fun together with #LeBeau, for after we managed to graduate from college and started doing the job, we don't have any occasion together except on weekends and holidays. Our erratic work schedules is really a total BS for us.

And as we thought of having a simple getaway, he saw this promo from Metrodeal: a day or night pass from Coolwaves Ranch and Waterpark Resort is a thing that we're looking for! A quick getaway to Bulacan is something which we need, and I like the fact the rates are affordable!

Judging from its reviews, it has positive scores from other patrons. Their rooms are clean, they had amennities that other resorts does not have, the place looks relaxing and also the slides are just... wow. The rates can also be affordable, and it's even made more cheaper because of the promo from Metrodeal. That is why we decided to buy this deal no matter what, and we'll definitely go with this!

We bought their overnight promo that is also one in this deal, went there and spent the rest of the day swimming, eating and having a good time! We've never had this type of bonding moment after we graduated, that is why this one is special to me.

Thank you Metrodeal just for this wonderful promo. We'll definitely buy you next time!: )

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Having a feast fit for a king at Buffet 101!

Could not believe that I'll be getting my birthday at Buffet 101! I was informed by my own sister that she'll be treating me for weekday lunch, but I never thought that it'll be at probably the most visited buffet restaurants in the entire Metro!

I know that the price tag on their buffet costs too much even for their weekday promo, but she informed me that she bought vouchers from Metrodeal, where their Buffet 101 promo costs half the cost! Now that's really something!

One of many things that I like about Buffet 101 will be the service. The staff are all awesome in looking after our purchased vouchers, drinks and on the things that we asked for. Food is absolutely divine, with lots of choices from their sumptuous delights and desserts, and many of us went home plenty full and happy.

Food is awesome, and a lot of thanks to metrodeal for that awesome promo!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

SumoSam Podium's delectable set meals from MetroDeal

SumoSam continues to be my one of my favorite Japanese restaurants flourishing around the country. Freshly cooked dishes continues to be always the best for every person, and their Japanese fusion meals never ceases to thrills me in an effective way.

But the downside of their particular deliciously sumptuous meals is that- these were all pricey. I can't help but to feel sad which i can only afford it through payday, and not during the times where I'm seriously craving for yummy set meals that are deliciously good till the final bite.

Good thing that there's this amazing promo from MetroDeal, where they give 55% off on the set meals from SumoSam Podium branch. After I saw this through Metrodeal, I know that it's gonna be a deal worth buying for.

And so i bought 2 vouchers for us and for my boyfriend, called the restaurant for reservations and went to The Podium to avail on our SumoSam purchase from Metrodeal. Everything is so actually quite easy, and the staff is taking to us.

What I really love about this deal is they had huge portions on their own set meals each set meal is definitely good for two, but since we a huge appetite, we opted to give the set meal each for ourselves lol!

I love this deal, its service and the rapid transactions! I never had any difficulty with my purchases from Metrodeal, and I'm going to be coming back for more in their deals soon!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Go kart fascination at City kart Racing

I love to drive an automobile, the adrenaline rush is something that I really like to experience everytime I'm in my car and whan i'm on my way to my destination. Somehow, the gruelling traffic is getting in my nerves and to have to wait for minutes (sometimes hours) get in my destination is frustrating. Totally getting into my nerves.

I also had missed playing race-related games: GTO, Grand Theft Auto... the list moves on and on as I finished every one of the games in my console. This is my only escape to the reality that is the stressful traffic who would like to deal with the 4-hr commute from Makati to Quezon City anyway? And yeah, EDSA sucks major time.

Then a friend of mine invited me to get a Go Kart in Makati. The place is just a few minutes away from my place of work, and I would want to drive fast like I'm in a race itself! He bought his vouchers from Metrodeal where he bought it at over fifty percent of a price, now that's a whole lot! I asked him for information on his purchase and asked him whether it's a scam, but in truth it was a smooth-sailing deal! We went inside City Cart Racing with relief.

Why did I asked if it's a scam? I've read some reviews about Metrodeal being this kind of ass on their deals, but since we availed on this treat, it only means it's a purely legit deal! Not only did he only paid half the original price on this deal, we also had a very good City kart experience! Never thought it was fun too, it was like i'm in the racing game hehehe.: P

for this I was convinced to visit MetroDeal and shop for our discounted vouchers soon!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fresh fruit goodness at Fruit Magic

I prefer juices and fruit shakes for the health benefits. Coffee and teas seriously isn't for me for i'm experiencing stomach complications, and every attack have been very painful and unbearable in my opinion.

Commercial fruit shakes are costly, especially those from supermarkets as well as food stalls. But don't get me wrong, I can see that I'm spending money on the health and sanitation benefits, but how I wish that all fruit shakes can be bought at such a price.

Fruit Magic's berry shakes are some of my favorites. Their magic fruzion shakes are such an adorable treat, for they are refreshing and healthy. I'm also thankful that Metrodeal has an offer from them, cutting down the initial price of the large Magic Fruzion by half, and I think it's a good deal!

I've been a fan of Metrodeal, for I've been buying vouchers from their website ever since, from their hair and facial salon deals, food promos and products which are seriously cheap. Contacting them is never a headache, that is why I'm having no difficulties with them than on other group buying sites where they cannot even be contacted through their contact numbers or on the email.

Because of this amazing deal, I can now buy more fruzion shakes then before and I will even share this with my friends! Now that's a genuine deal worth spending! Will surely buy one again!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Longchamps for less at MetroDeal

I don't want an attractive, trendy, affordable bag" SAID NO WOMAN EVER! Women's bags are like the extension of our selves, it can show who we are like a person. That's how important bags are to my opinion. i've been collecting bags all my entire life, small bags, big bags, low cost bags, expensive bags, transparent, decorative, triangular bags, name it we've every size, shape & color of bag. i love bags! i mean what kind connected with woman doesn't? right? recently i've been drawn to Longchamps, their versatility, you can use anywhere, at any time look is what gets me personally. They are very simple yet stylish in a way that the saying "simplicity exudes elegance" is really shown in their bags. Since Metrodeal has this great deal on Longchamps; Longchamp LM cuir travel bag for P6999 instead of P22500, made my heart omit a beat. It was available in all 5colors and i planned to get every color they possess! LM cuirs are very lightweight, spacious inside & not only which it look sophisticated & fashionable because of its classy light embossed quilted layout. what more could you seek out in a travel bag? and another thing; if your hands & arms are full this Longchamp LM Cuir travel bag comes with an extra shoulder strap attached towards the sides, which is very ideal for busy travellers like me. This run-way ready & travel- worthy bag could possibly be mine for only P6999! what quite a lot!!!

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