Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dakasi Voucher Experience

Coffee or tea? My answer to this question used to coffee. I used to hate tea with passion because I didn’t like the taste. Thanks to the milk tea craze, I can say that I now love tea! I am actually trying to stop myself from drinking too much. I can’t say that I am a tea afficionado yet...but it’s a step, right?

I still drink hot coffee because I kind of need it to properly function in the morning.  If I were to choose between frappuccino and milk tea - I would pick milk tea any day! I assume it has less calories and it’s definitely more delicious.

There are many pearl milk tea or bubble tea shops in the Philippines. I bet you can name at least 3 popular shops easily. But have you ever heard of Dakasi? Dakasi is a fairly new business here in the Philippines. It  is a milk tea shop from Tawain. They have been selling milk teas since 1990 and now they have hundred of shops all over Asia.

I was so excited when Metrodeal offered Dakasi vouchers. I haven’t tried Dakasi so I was really curious! Thanks to Metrodeal for always looking for good deals for us.

Anyway, I bought 3 vouchers - 2 for Dakasi Festival Mall and 1 for Dakasi located in Ermita. So far, I have tried Oreo Milk Tea and Okinawa Milk Tea. I added pearls and pudding too.
Both yummy!

Aside from these, they also have smoothies, yogurt drinks, and yakult. There are so many options that you won’t ever get bored. I haven’t tried Dakasi yet, try it now!

Thanks again Metrodeal for such a great deal.


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