Monday, 28 December 2015

Play and sweat at Greenhills Badminton Center

The hype could have died down as folks' interests strayed to other activities but I still like playing badminton once in a while. I still consider the sport as a sensible way to exercise while having much fun even if I do not get to do it typically as we used to when it was the activity way back and there is a steady flow involving invites from friends and colleagues. So when My partner and i chanced upon this offer at Metrodeal for limitless badminton playtime, I felt a jolt of enjoyment! At 50% off, it's only P135 instead of paying P270 for limitless badminton playtime at Greenhills Badminton Center that is certainly for 2 persons witout a doubt.

I'm quite familiar along with Greenhills Badminton Center since my friends & I tried the place a few times a couple of years ago and I'm essentially a regular customer of Metrodeal i really didn't have to look for any online or Metrodeal reviews for the place. I purchased a couple of vouchers so we may have 2 visits before the actual promo ends. Hubby & I decide to use the first voucher this weekend so I am quite excited to enjoy again!

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fun Meal at Pie Face

My own cousin Doreen dropped by over the weekend with a pack of assorted mini pies via Pie Face and many of us munched on them with gusto once we catch up. It was the first time I tried it as well as I kept racking my personal brain trying to discover where I encountered the name given it just seemed familiar somehow. I, of course, asked my cousin the location where the pie shop is as well as she said she bought at Megamall. I had taken a mental note to stop by soon because I merely loved them!

Then yesterday, I decided to check out the newsletters I subscribed to within the hope of finding several nice gift ideas to the holidays and there it was! That's why it seemed familiar. I first saw it within the newsletter from Metrodeal higher than a week ago; it's one among their featured promos. I clicked around the link and was delighted to view that it's still available--40% down on food and cocktails at Pie Face! Similar they also have some sort of branch in Eastwood as well as MOA. I opted to the MOA branch since it's more accessible in my experience.

I bought 2 vouchers without hesitation since i have already know that your pies are heavenly as well as I'm quite excited to use more of those. The sole Metrodeal complaint I can imagine, however, is that redemption will become on November 23 however. I was hoping it's some of those promos that start instantly like the last occasion I bought a diner deal from Metrodeal. But again, it's not really a really long wait considering your discount I got so, here's looking to several delish moments at Pie Face soon!

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Let the Bows & Arrows Shine at Kodanda Archery Range Parañaque

To start with, there was Legolas, then Katnis Everdeen including the enlivened princess, Merida. Gracious, better believe it, there's Hawkeye as well, and, obviously, Tauriel and whatever is left of the mythical beings in the Hobbit motion picture arrangement. These characters made me so inspired by Archery. In any case, with my occupied calendar, I couldn't get the game and I hadn't had much time to try and investigate it truly. At that point, I risked upon this fascinating promo at Metrodeal for 1-hour arrow based weaponry session at Kodanda Archery Range situated in Metro Starmall Parañaque for just P377. General cost is at P580 so that is a decent 35% markdown.

Since I'm a learner with zero information and foundation on bows and arrows, all I ever had is the longing to attempt this intriguing game so I figured a flawless markdown is an approach to go. I checked some online audits and discovered great ones with like several not all that great ones but rather I believe it's simply an issue of sentiment. Despite everything I say the great surveys exceed the unfavorable ones so I set out to buy a few vouchers and give it a shot with my BFF.

We were at long last ready to reclaim our vouchers a weekend ago and I say it's one of the best encounters during the current year! I cherish how it requires focus and teach alongside dexterity. I've cherished playing dashes route back in school and to me, it's similar to an enormous, more extensive territory and extent. It's an extraordinary approach to de-stress, I let you know. It felt like each time I let the bolt fly, a percentage of the pressure I got over the week's worth of work got discharged too. Thus, no doubt, I'm unquestionably returning and I could very well be snared on this.

Experience the miracles of toxophilism yourself by going by [link] or you can simply look at for other incredible offers and rebates on whatever will take your extravagant—sustenance, items or salon and spa administrations or travel.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Yummy Japanese Dishes with a Cool Twist at Nori Kapitolyo

In terms of scouting good food, my BFF & I are prepared to go to different areas inside Metro. When wecome across really nice places with fabulous food, we're always willing go back when our cravings decide to make an appearance. Among our recent finds is this cosy set up Kapitolyo, thanks to Metrodeal's present. The promo is40% price cut on food at Nori Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig, therefore that's PhP299 for food worth PhP500.

Since I'm not really acquainted with the restaurant yet, the natural thing in my opinion to do was to check online reviews to obtaina feel of the site and all that. The Metrodeal offer is pretty intriguing when i read about the dishes in an attempt to“fusion” always makes my imagination soar continually, wondering what kind of twist can one expect. What I found
out only made me more interested to attempt the food there! I liked the theory that the place is actually gaining attention with their sushi burritos which i had been dying to attempt just to experience this radical cuisine. As quickly as our schedules enable it, my BFF Shane & We headed for Kapitolyo, Pasig for just a wonderful epicurean adventure.

Very well, Nori didn't disappoint. Never. I loved the BBQ GRILL pulled pork sushi burrito that i can't help groaning when I take each bite! I was pretty delighted when i saw Tengayaki on your menu for Yakitori as well as I was right! It was indeed tenga ng baboy! The ingenuity expressed on th dinners, the laid back, neat, and upretentious interior allows you to focus on what matters—the food. It was decided devoid of much discussion, my BFF & I most certainly will add this place to your “will come back” record.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Enjoy and play at Yexel's Museum at Manila Ocean Park

As thunder thunders, Maria, in The Sound of Music, sings, "Raindrops on roses and hairs
on little cats, splendid copper pots and warm woolen gloves, chestnut paper bundles tied up
with strings, these are a couple of my most loved things."

For reasons unknown, that melody was playing in my mind again and again as I check out in enjoyment
at awesome lifesized pictures at the Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum in Manila Ocean Park
when I went to the spot throughout the weekend with my companions. My BFF bothered me a few
weeks prior to purchase this promo at Metrodeal which she risked upon. It's 80% off for
ticket access to Yexel's Museum in Manila Ocean Park. With just P99 per head (general cost
at P500), my companions & I consented to go.

I adored the marvelous accumulation of toys and characters! It's similar to an acknowledgment of your adolescence
dreams where your toys develop huge like the grown-ups and you can practically wish they'd wake up
on the other hand something. My companions are as pleased as I am, particularly my BFF, Jen, who gladly
broadcasted it was her thought.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Strike it Good at AMF-Puyat Bowling & Billiard

I've generally viewed as rocking the bowling alley as a family holding movement. It's normally a great deal of fun yet what got my
consideration when I recognized an arrangement at Metrodeal was the activity point I never considered. It might be peculiar
yet, I hadn't understood before that it's an anaerobic activity the makes you work muscle bunches you tend
to disregard amid standard activity.

That acknowledgment is the thing that encouraged me to purchase the offer; and yes, the 43% markdown. 2 amusements for just P149
sounds really great so I buy a couple of vouchers and arranged another family trip. I assume it's about
time to get the children on this as we did once upon a time. I reserved a spot at Superbowl at Makati
Film Square last Saturday and acquainted my young men with the diversion. I snatched the chance to make
them all the more physically dynamic as opposed to sitting before the PC or the TV with their PS4.

Much incredibly, my 2 young men cherished it (with a great deal of assistance from the hubby, obviously). They began to
like it after some fizzled endeavors to get more control on the course of the ball. In the long run, they got
the hang of it and that is the point at which the fun began. It's currently down to one of our awesome family minutes and
I'm almost certain we'll attempt it again soon.

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Another Incredible Pizza Experience at Steveston Pizza UP Town Center

There are those days when you're basically yearning for something that is not of the continue running on-the-plant blended pack.
In this way, I decided to check Metrodeal with the trust of finding an option that is other than what's normal when I spotted it- - 35% off
on sustenance and refreshments at Steveston Pizza UP Town Center in Quezon City! The spot is near my sister's so
we can drop by the spot as the weekend progressed.

I have to surrender that I was fairly cautious about encountering Metrodeal complaints so I accomplished more research
likewise, I was upbeat to find some incredible studies on the web. Stevenston Pizza hailed from Richmond Canada and it's
acclaimed for serving the world's most unreasonable monetarily open pizza esteemed at around PhP20,000.
This made me concerned as the Metrodeal offer is a discount for P600 worth of sustenance & drinks. Exactly
what might I have the capacity to expect for P600? Turns out they do serve commendable pizzas within that monetary arrangement.

Yet, like I said, I required something weird so I asked for the Blue Pizza with rosemary smoked
bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, spinach and Stilton blue cheddar mouse. My sister loves shrimps
so we in like manner endeavored the Green Pizza which was over-weight with shrimps! The mix of flavors and
surfaces are absolutely radiant and I surely revered the outside! We got to some degree over our 2 vouchers'
worth so we paid extra cash anyway it was in all probability defended, regardless of all the inconvenience!

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Have a Great day with a Lip-smacking Figaro Frappe

Getting together with companions and having grand, considerable discussion over awesome espresso - be it hot, frozen or frappe is one of my most loved things to do. Regardless of our really wild calendars, my closest companions & I verify we get together every so often for some gab to keep one another upgraded on what's going ahead in our lives. 

Along these lines, when I discovered this offer for 42% rebate on Figaro Frappes or Frost at Metrodeal, I just couldn't give it a chance to pass! I purchased 5 vouchers quickly for the following holding session with my BFFs. With a decent line-up 
of included beverages for the offer, I'm almost certain we're all secured. No compelling reason to search for Metrodeal reviews to check about the spot & on the off chance that it's any great since, well, it's Figaro! It's one of those online arrangement offers that you simply know would be extraordinary.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Quick-Drying After Bath in a Snap

I kept running over the joys of smart drying towel dress over a year back when I got one like a present for my birthday celebration. I've treasured it since i have got it. Drying after my shower has end up being super fast and I'd starting late been smooth about my little towel progressing altered unexpectedly. The fundamental issue is I need to surrender the favorable position when its in the attire container and I need to change to the standard terry robe till its completely arranged.

That is the reason I snapped to thought once i saw this offer at Metrodeal! It's the upgraded shape on the Rapid Drying Towel Dress! They have a catch to ensure it is significantly more secure notwithstanding the best part is, its encased with a hair wrap which is furthermore secured with the catch. Shocking! The Bath towel Dress & Hair Put gathering is being offered for P489 and that is regarded at P900 per set along these lines i didn't reevaluate any more. I procured 2 pieces promptly!

Got my own package after 5 days, which is extraordinary given that they indicated the 7-day dairy animals time for transports along these lines there's no Metrodeal objections there. Getting my thing before expected is a love itself! I unquestionably endorse this to style and value to others around.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Solar Power Bank from Metrodeal

I was thinking truly hard a month earlier on what present may I give my dear cousin for his birthday. It has been our custom to give each other something else constantly -no depleting picture edges or anything non particular. The day was getting closer paying little personality to all that I didn't have the vaguest thought concerning what to get him.

By then I found this captivating discount at -a Solar Power Bank with 30,000 mAh
limit for just P1149 (regarded at P2500). I appreciated the experience of the idea in a gleam! My dear cousin is one of those mountaineering-trekking fellas so I figured this would be an expansive measure of help when he's unreasonably a long way from any wellspring of force. With that much most inaccessible point, it would serve him well to power his best in class PDA additionally, specific contraptions.

Since I was missing the mark on time, I didn't discover the chance to seek after down Metrodeal Reviews or Complaints on the thing; I in a far-reaching way gained it rapidly. I fathom that was all that much a risk…  good thing the seller sees how to do well on the advancement. I got the pack 3 days in the wake of getting the thing. I appreciates how to give my gift on time.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Heavenly Sweet Tower of Bursting Flavors

When it comes to my sweet tooth, I have virtually zero probability of winning the struggle. The slightest nudge would make me cave in. Needless to say, I’m always on a lookout for something that would satiate my incessant need for something sweet. So when I encountered this intriguing offer for this Japanese dessert dubbed as Pink Lady Honey Toast Tower at a new place in Ayala Fairview Terraces called Fantasia Café, I just had to give it a try. For one, the delicious-looking treat is only P99 (regular price is P198); who can possibly resist a 50% discount?

I’d say it totally met my expectations! I so loved the heavenly tower of cubed honey-dipped toast
substantially covered by soft vanilla ice cream and drizzled with strawberry syrup garnished with bits of fresh strawberry and cute mint leaves. The play of flavors tickled my palate that had my sweet tooth singing in bliss. I couldn’t help groaning in delight after every other spoonful!

Times like these, I’m glad I took this adventure since I was looking for some Metrodeal Reviews before buying and I didn’t find one. I found some mixed reviews on other sites but, they had me at the pictures alone, so I bought one anyway. It’s a good thing I did! I’m definitely coming back for more!!

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Musings Made Even More Personal with a Photo Journal

I at first recognized the Photo Journal arrangement at Metrodeal eventually before Christmas anyway I got so involved that by the time I considered obtaining one, the promo was no more. So when offered it again at Metrodeal after several months, I acquired one quickly! I picked the 8x6" photo journal with clear pages for P695 (SRP is P1300) since I like to draw stuff as a less than dependable rule too. I kicked all stimulated and off promptly.
It wasn't much; it was just about the diagram and pictures to be used. When I finished my endeavor,
I was substantially more avid to see the genuine thing!

3 days in the wake of sending the last configuration for era, I was strained starting now in light of the way that I thought I simply expected to hold up that long. I was considering recording a Metrodeal complaint however fortunately, incredible sense won. I checked the inconspicuous components again. Turns out that creation and conveyance time would be 5 to 7 days so I held up
some more. Things being what they are, I got mine the following day and I revered it! The spread looks basically like the setup I appreciated besides, quality is better than anything I foreseen. With my stand-out photos on the spread, it really made my own journal extensively more, well, person.

I'm so content with it that I'm considering another undertaking, perhaps a photo book!

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Candle light dinner!

Candles. I essentially esteem them like there's no tomorrow. Huge or minimal, perfectly healthy or shading, scented or not, I'm into some what collecting them. The thing about candles is, they break up and get completely spent at some point. So when I stunned upon these remote-controlled shading changing candles at Metrodeal, I jumped out!

Clearly, I got a touch stressed with the mixed Metrodeal Reviews I encountered over the web, yet
since I basically required those candles so much, notwithstanding I purchased the course of action. For one, Metrodeal still shows up more honest to goodness diverged from a couple of merchants online- -I'm just not content with the meet-up thing for some regions.

For PhP599, I got a course of action of three candles at distinctive stature that movements shades when lit. With the remote control included in the set, I find the opportunity to control the shades and mode according to what fits my luxurious. It's basically essentially like having candles that don't get invested every energy they are lit. The enormous prize is that they change shades at whatever point and at any rate you require it. I basically cherish that mode that duplicates a flashing fire!

With PhP 1200 value for the set, I got 50% off with the promo. Not frightful, right? I simply expected to hold up 3 days (I procured it fundamentally late around night time) for the group to be passed on so that is really cool also.

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Movie night is not complete without popcorns from Popperoo!

I've just watched #Furious7 few days ago and it was a new smash hit! If you're a fan of the Furious series, its crazy vehicle stunts and drills, and it's fighting scenes then this one is made for you.

My movie night is never complete with crazy treats available. I can watch movies with or without someone with me but it'll never complete without having my comfort food, and in my case, I can never go inside without a large cup of cucumber lemonade, biggie garlic herb fries, a big chuck of bacon cheeseburger sandwich and also a large tub of barbecue cheese popcorn.

It's always a habit to have a huge stack of food beside me for it's my way to detress, and it's always fun in my opinion to munch on something as you're watching on a big screen. This is why I'm excited to see this kind of deal from Metrodeal!

I'm a fan of Popperoo and it's probably the most delicious popcorns that I've ever endured. I love their barbecue as well as cheese flavor, and call me crazy but I ended up buying one for every flavor. That is why this offer from MetroDeal where I am able to buy 2 buckets of Popperoo stovetop popcorn in cheese and barbecue flavor for only 70 pesos is a superb deal. That is so worth it.

That is why I bought vouchers online and reserve it for our movie day. Glad that there's no need to call for reservations for I'm able to claim the popcorns straight away.

Looking forward to see more deals from Metrodeal soon!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Budget-friendly Sagada and Banaue Journey, thanks to MetroDeal

I've watched “That thing called tadhana” months ago after it had been being shown in the movie. It was a cult hit, and somehow, I can see myself from the leading character. Mace has been a sweetheart who's been in a relationship with her boyfriend for almost 7 years. She even went abroad to be with him, only she caught him having an affair with a girl. Heartbroken, she went back, met a fellow filipino while at the airport, went on a detour instead on going home and had a roadtrip as far as Banaue and Sagada in order to maneuver on with the hurtful breakup.

Aside from the colorful story, the scenes from their travel abroad, their exchange of words and the wonderful scenes makes me want to be on vacation. The painful moving on process while these were in Banaue and Sagada struck me in a way that it's miles away form the mainland Manila, for it's natural beauty is so beautiful that this bewilders me (everyone) who journeyed there. Everything is well-preserved, unblemished, serene, with no hint of sky-high buildings that block the majestic scenery of the mountains.

But the trip by itself doesn't come cheap. The accommodations, the actual travel expenses, the food it costs me almost 1 / 2 of my bimonthly salary. Good thing that Metrodeal features this travel promo to Banaue and Sagada that has a massive 56% off on the original price. It's a good deal indeed! Not only I can save more money, it also offers much much better deal than from other traveling packages.

Thankful to have that deal! I've already made my purchase and I can't wait to have my family vacation in few week's time!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dulcinea's Churros – my favorite kind of dessert

churros con chocolate this delectable dessert using the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate is definitely an addicting treat. I so want to have this for everyday, except that it's really high-priced if i'm gonna have this everyday.

I've already tried different kinds of churros but the one from Dulcinea is probably the best. The dark chocolate is amongst the richest that I ever tasted and the most affordable too.

That is why I'm ecstatic after I discovered that Metrodeal offers this spanish dessert delight for only 118! I can now enjoy this buy-one-get-one package at 64% off, now that is one amazing treat!

This amazing treat is best shared with friends, I want to buy this voucher and write about it with friends. For sure they will also love this!

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mouthwatering gourmet dishes at Tony Roma's

Mouthwatering ribs, barbecued chicken, delicious seafood dishes and fresh fresh salads these are the things that I love about Tony Roma's. Every little thing is sinfully gastronomical, added to that is the playful atmosphere that really brightens up every customers' delight. I've been here several times and I would love to come back for more.

The Manhattan vibe causes it to become more lively, and that's the other reason we love to dine here with friends. What's more exciting is that Metrodeal always have an available deal posted on the website, wherein one who avails on the discount voucher can enjoy 45% discount from the original price, now that's a good deal! : )

And as usual, I acquired more vouchers for more bargains, for I'm planning on celebrating occasions and dates with my sweetheart of 4 years and counting. And since she's into food blogging, she'll definitely enjoy this wonderful gastronomic feast that I'm planning here at Tony Roma's.

For sure she'll be falling head over heels because of their best mouthwatering ribs that I really love. And I think I must check on Tony Roma's website for their additional perks for the month of April, May and June. Yay for discounts and giveaways!

I simply can't wait for this. This promo is definitely a steal for all.

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

The amazing microfiber dry hair brush from MetroDeal

This is my daily dilemma- I usually have split ends and dandruff because I don't have time to dry my hair especially when i'm in a hurry. And because of this my hair hair is prone to be brittle and unruly too.

I can't find any solid ways to prevent my hair to have this particular ungodly sight. I always enjoy my long wavy locks, but if it's unruly and crazy then It will be an everyday disaster.

There's this one time i saw a microfiber brush that can guarantee to dry the hair within just minutes because of the microfiber strands attached with the body. I'd really love to have one really, but then it is certainly pricey for me. I'm still scouring for any great alternative that will keep my hair dry and healthy bath.

It is a surprise for me personally to saw this amazing promo from Metrodeal the microfiber dry hair brush can only be availed for only 399 instead of 1000 pesos, now that's a good deal! Because of this amazing promo I'll be getting one in a heart beat!

Can't wait to have this amazing deal soon!

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