Friday, 18 September 2015

Enjoy and play at Yexel's Museum at Manila Ocean Park

As thunder thunders, Maria, in The Sound of Music, sings, "Raindrops on roses and hairs
on little cats, splendid copper pots and warm woolen gloves, chestnut paper bundles tied up
with strings, these are a couple of my most loved things."

For reasons unknown, that melody was playing in my mind again and again as I check out in enjoyment
at awesome lifesized pictures at the Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum in Manila Ocean Park
when I went to the spot throughout the weekend with my companions. My BFF bothered me a few
weeks prior to purchase this promo at Metrodeal which she risked upon. It's 80% off for
ticket access to Yexel's Museum in Manila Ocean Park. With just P99 per head (general cost
at P500), my companions & I consented to go.

I adored the marvelous accumulation of toys and characters! It's similar to an acknowledgment of your adolescence
dreams where your toys develop huge like the grown-ups and you can practically wish they'd wake up
on the other hand something. My companions are as pleased as I am, particularly my BFF, Jen, who gladly
broadcasted it was her thought.

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