Monday, 28 December 2015

Play and sweat at Greenhills Badminton Center

The hype could have died down as folks' interests strayed to other activities but I still like playing badminton once in a while. I still consider the sport as a sensible way to exercise while having much fun even if I do not get to do it typically as we used to when it was the activity way back and there is a steady flow involving invites from friends and colleagues. So when My partner and i chanced upon this offer at Metrodeal for limitless badminton playtime, I felt a jolt of enjoyment! At 50% off, it's only P135 instead of paying P270 for limitless badminton playtime at Greenhills Badminton Center that is certainly for 2 persons witout a doubt.

I'm quite familiar along with Greenhills Badminton Center since my friends & I tried the place a few times a couple of years ago and I'm essentially a regular customer of Metrodeal i really didn't have to look for any online or Metrodeal reviews for the place. I purchased a couple of vouchers so we may have 2 visits before the actual promo ends. Hubby & I decide to use the first voucher this weekend so I am quite excited to enjoy again!

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Fun Meal at Pie Face

My own cousin Doreen dropped by over the weekend with a pack of assorted mini pies via Pie Face and many of us munched on them with gusto once we catch up. It was the first time I tried it as well as I kept racking my personal brain trying to discover where I encountered the name given it just seemed familiar somehow. I, of course, asked my cousin the location where the pie shop is as well as she said she bought at Megamall. I had taken a mental note to stop by soon because I merely loved them!

Then yesterday, I decided to check out the newsletters I subscribed to within the hope of finding several nice gift ideas to the holidays and there it was! That's why it seemed familiar. I first saw it within the newsletter from Metrodeal higher than a week ago; it's one among their featured promos. I clicked around the link and was delighted to view that it's still available--40% down on food and cocktails at Pie Face! Similar they also have some sort of branch in Eastwood as well as MOA. I opted to the MOA branch since it's more accessible in my experience.

I bought 2 vouchers without hesitation since i have already know that your pies are heavenly as well as I'm quite excited to use more of those. The sole Metrodeal complaint I can imagine, however, is that redemption will become on November 23 however. I was hoping it's some of those promos that start instantly like the last occasion I bought a diner deal from Metrodeal. But again, it's not really a really long wait considering your discount I got so, here's looking to several delish moments at Pie Face soon!

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