Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Treasure Your Treasured Moments

In this day and age, the new breed of technology has made film cameras (the “older ones”) somewhat
irrelevant. Having a film camera is like owning a vinyl record; it's just not that “in” anymore, and we
have smartphones to blame for film camera's virtual demise. Everything is “so digital” nowadays, even
photo albums. That's why coming across this deal on MetroDeal is beyond nostalgic: 83% Off:
Photobook Philippines' Lay Flat Photobook for P599 instead of P3600 - Beautiful Designs That Go
Across Pages.

Layflat binding allows pages to lay perfectly flat at 180 degrees. It is ideal for panoramic shots on a
full-spread page. Unlike social media sites, Photobook lets you feel life's best moments by simply
browsing through the pages of your Photobook. Moments are meant to be savored, not just seen or
liked or retweeted. This Photobook also allows you to have unlimited photos per page. You can also opt
to put a personal touch on your album by choosing your own cover photo. Photobook makes each page
and moment truly worth browsing.

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