Monday, December 17, 2012

Traders Hotel Buffet Experience

I went straight to Traders Hotel right after I visited Ocean Park Manila. I initially didn’t plan to eat there that night because my tummy was acting up when I woke up. But after the Ocean Park visit, I was tired and hungry! It’s a good thing that Metrodeal vouchers can be printed anywhere. Once I got my vouchers, I called Traders to reserve a table for two.

We arrived at Traders with our MetroDeal vouchers around 7:30 pm. We headed directly to Latitude and the restaurant hostess checked my reservation. I gave her my vouchers and I only had to sign and give my contact details. She then guided us to our table and we got our free drinks.

The place was not crowded at all unlike other buffet places such as Buffet 101 or Vikings. It was so refreshing not to bump into other people while getting food on my plate. There’s lot of elbow room making it a comfortable for people dining there. To add to that, the servers were nice, efficient and non-intrusive, as expected with deals offered at MetroDeal.

The buffet is not really that big. The buffet is separated into several sections - soups, fruits, desserts, salad and food for grilling. In the middle, you will see the different viands of food plus rice. Right behind that, you will see the pork and beef roast as well as some Mexican food. Never mind the size of the buffet since the food is delicious! 

Since I was extremely hungry, I got barbecue baby back pork ribs and braised pork belly first. Mama Mia! Both were so yummy. I wanted to eat more but there were so many dishes that needed my attention. I tried a lot of food – Singaporean chicken barbecue, grilled shrimps, pork and roast beef, kare-kare, shrimp siomai, tacos and pasta. I can truly say that I enjoyed everything. 

The desserts that I tried were so great that I almost forgot that I was eating at a buffet. Oh, I loved their crème brulee! It’s actually my absolute favorite dessert. I wanted to have another serving but sadly they didn’t refill. I had to content myself with their pudding (which was absolutely amazing by the way).

I will never get tired of eating at buffets. I guess as long as I don’t do it excessively since I know that too much of anything is bad. Thanks to Metrodeal, I get to try different hotel buffets. You can try these hotel buffets too. Cheers to living a good life!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Visit to Manila Ocean Park 2012

It was my first time to visit Ocean Park Manila thanks to MetroDeal. I’ve been planning to go there since it opened four years ago. It’s a good thing though because they only had the Oceanarium then. Now, they have so many attractions and I hope in the future it will be like the one in Hong Kong!

Anyway, I went to Ocean Park Manila on a holiday. And, oh my, there were so many people that I almost wanted to go back home! Since I really wanted to have a look at the place, I pushed through. When I fell in line to redeem my tickets, I noticed that there were a lot of people holding Metrodeal vouchers. For me, that proves that Metrodeal is indeed very famous!

I got entrance to four attractions – Oceanarium, Musical Fountain Show, Jellies Exhibit and Penguin Talk Show. They were supposed to give me tickets for the All Star Bird Show but I arrived late. Therefore, they let me chose between Fish Spa and the Jellies Exhibit. I chose the latter since I didn’t want to get my feet wet. That’s actually a very nice gesture because I thought that they wouldn’t offer anything in exchange. 

I love animals. In fact, I have three dogs and a couple of birds. So, I enjoyed the experience. But my favourite part of the trip was the Musical Fountain Show. I actually didn’t expect it to be spectacular but I really enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure the rest of the audience had a great time too. It’s truly a wonderful experience that you should try!

Smile for the camera ^_^

So-called tickets to happiness O_O


As poisonous as the teacher in high school that would always annoy you O_O
I know for sure that I’ll be back again. Next time, I’ll arrive in the morning so I’ll have the chance to watch other shows. Thank you, Metrodeal!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tony Roma's Steakhouse - A Culinary Adventure

I remember the first time I ate at Tony Roma’s, before using my MetroDeal voucher for this review. I was looking for a place to eat at Glorietta when I spotted the homey looking restaurant. I was really satisfied with my meal but I was so shocked when the bill came! I just graduated from college that time and I wasn’t exactly drowning in money

When I saw MetroDeal selling Tony Roma’s vouchers, I immediately snagged two vouchers. Who doesn’t want to eat glorious food in a lovely dining establishment?

The cone of happiness O_O
Since I’m from the south, I used my voucher at Alabang Town Center. With just one voucher, I was able to order a lot of food. I got bread, mozzarella sticks and half slab of the heavenly original baby back ribs. I also got two side dishes – baked potato and ranch style beans.

The sticks of goodness O_O

Oh, in case you were wondering: I didn’t eat all of that. That amount of food is enough for two people with a whole lot of appetite. J I loved every single thing.  The ribs were tender and fall off the bone. The potato was baked to perfection and it was so loaded. And I usually hate beans but I devoured all that was served. Good thing I have one more voucher left and I can go back anytime to satisfy my cravings for ribs and steaks.


The wonderful thing about this experience is that I get to eat at a great restaurant without doing serious damage to my wallet. For me, good food brings happiness. To end this post, I will echo what the ever famous J.R.R. Tolkien said: “If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world.” Thank you MetroDeal :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Midas Café Buffet Review - Why I Love It :-)

I tried Midas Hotel’s Japanese buffet a couple of weeks ago with my MetroDeal voucher. I loved the food so I it’s not such a big surprise that I came back for more. This time, I tried their International buffet called the Midas Café.
Midas Café is located at the second floor of Midas Hotel. The restaurant is so posh that it literally reeks of elegance. That is the reason why they have a strict dress code – only business attire and smart casual clothes are allowed. If you are planning to try their buffet, make sure that you are not wearing shorts or sando.

It's a foodie's dream come true O_O

I got excited when I saw the buffet spread because everything looked inviting. They have everything that I wanted – salads, cold cuts, cheese, freshly-baked breads and pastries plus a small selection of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. They have a lot of hot dishes to choose from – maple glazed pork belly, lamb curry, breaded fish fillet, roast beef and so much more.


They have a Mongolian, noodle and pasta station in which you can mix and match ingredients according to your taste.  The pasta that I had was so delicious! 

The deli station - I feel like in Europe :)
What I loved most is their seafood station where fresh seafood such as shrimps, crabs, squid are laid out on ice.  All you need is to pick whatever you want and it will be grilled by a chef.

To eat or not to eat... EAT :)

Drinks are free unlike most buffets. You can choose from fruit juices, iced tea, hot tea or coffee. You can even make your own halo-halo.

I have been disappointed with buffet desserts too many times that I didn’t expect too much. I guess I should have raised my bar a little bit higher since Midas Café desserts are unforgettable. The cakes and pastries all taste good; I think I tried more than 10 different kinds! I would have tried the crepe if I wasn’t too full.

I tried to sample almost everything there – from parmesan cheese to crème brulee. I wasn’t disappointed with a single thing that I’ve consumed that day. I only wished that they had more sushi selections (That’s not such a big deal though). I still enjoyed and savoured every dish that they served.

This buffet offers more than delicious food alone. It provides ambience that can’t be matched. I would be very proud to recommend Midas Café to anyone.

Thousands of people bought this deal from Metrodeal already. It’s time for you to try it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not a scam but only YUMMY: Fatboy's Pizza Experience

I was supposed to claim the Fatboy’s pizzas last Saturday at SM Southmall thanks to my MetroDeal vouchers. I wanted the pizzas to be our “movie food” while watching Skyfall on IMAX but my plan got thwarted. We ended up watching Skyfall at Greenbelt. 

Since I’m a big Walking Dead fan, I figured that I’d enjoy watching the latest episode if I’m eating delicious food. Good TV Show + Yummy Pizza = Great Time!

These boxes will be empty a few seconds later... O_O

I asked my friend to pick-up the pizzas for me since the mall was on her way anyway. She simply showed the Metrodeal vouchers and got the Sweet Corn Pizza and Ham and Cheese Pizza (two pizza choices for the promo) after 10 minutes. 

 I know what you are thinking….sweet corn on a pizza? It may sound kind of weird, but you have to give it a chance. I actually liked it! The flavor of the corn blended well with the mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.

This can only be amore :)

My friend, on the other hand, feasted on the Ham and Cheese pizza. She loved it so much because they didn’t scrimp on cheese and sweet ham. 
The so called "pizza view" (as opposed to a "bird's view")

Oh, I forgot to mention early on that I got the two enormous pizzas for only Php250.  What an amazing deal!