Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Midas Hotel's Buffet - A Sumptuous Feast

A sumptuous feast :D

I have always been a buffet enthusiast. When I saw the Yanagi’s buffet deal at Metrodeal, I didn’t hesitate to get the vouchers for myself and my 2 companions. At php 499 per person for Japanese buffet, the offer is such a steal! The real bonus, though, is the fact that Yanagi is inside Midas Hotel. Since this prestigious hotel is rated 5 stars, I expected only the best.

It was my first time to visit Hotel Midas and I was quite impressed by the hotel lobby. The hotel has recently been renovated so everything still looks new. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to look around because we wanted to head over to Yanagi which is located at the mezzanine.

Yanagi is a cosmopolitan Japanese restaurant. The interior is classy, modern and inviting. I must say, the ambience is perfect for both business and family gatherings.

Yumminess :)
Their buffet spreadis a lot smaller than other buffets.  Iknew this beforehand since the voucher listed all the food items included in the buffet.(Note: Don’t expect a buffet as big as Shangri-La’s Circles or even in less expensive buffet places like Yakimix.)
They served the miso soup and tempura (shrimp and vegetables) to our table a couple of minutes after we arrived. These two items are made to order and can be requested anytime. We all had second servings because it was so good.

Assorted sushi, salad, and desserts were arranged side by side.The sushi was fresh and delicious but I would have been ecstatic if they offeredmore variations and maybe some sashimi.  But quality trumps quantity anytime, right?

In the opposite end, you will see Tori Teriyaki, Croquette, Gohan and Kamameshi.

My favorite dish that evening was Sukiyaki. It may be a little sweet for other people but for me it was perfect.  The sukiyaki is also made to order and you can request this from the waiters or from the chef.

The service is really commendable. All the waiters and waitresses were very attentive and accommodating. They cleared out plates quickly and filled-up our glasses with water without being asked.
All in all, I was satisfied with my dining experience.  I would have never given this restaurant a chance without Metrodeal’s offer.

Yanagi is definitely a great place to dine in with family or friends. Don’t let the small buffet spread discourage you from eating there. After all, the service and food are top-notch. If you want to eat a 5-star hotel or if you are simply craving for Japanese food, you should definitely try Yanagi.

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  1. can you request for ebi tempura only? instead of getting mixed tempura everytime you order