Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visiting Robot Zoo & Planetarium at SM Mall of Asia

Me and my friends being ourselves :D

Who doesn’t want feel like a kid again? Not me, that’s for sure - because I am a kid at heart, thanks to MetroDeal

Even though I’m not really the target market of Robot Zoo, I still wanted to check it out. I asked my two friends to come along with me and they willingly obliged.

WOW O_O *speechless*
The Robot Zoo is a travelling exhibit which is currently in Manila. It is located at the second floor of SM Mall of Asia (just look for Nido Science Discovery Center). It showcases robot animals which simulates the movements of “real animals.” Here are just some of the amazing robots that we were able to see.

Aside from the robots, there are a lot of interactive stations where anyone can learn while having fun. People who are not that interested in robots will still have plenty of stuff to do.

Make sure you watch THIS
Right after visiting the robot zoo, we headed to the Discovery Center Planetarium which is located a floor below the Robot Zoo. The placed was jam-packed when we arrived since there were students on their field trip. Luckily, the usher asked the students to share their seats so we ended up having the best seats in the house! Me and my companions were right smack in the middle of the dome.

It's a big, big world...
We didn’t get to choose which show to view. We ended up watching “Wonders of the Universe” and I it was so AMAZING! It was 100x better than watching in IMAX and rightly so because the Planetarium is a full-dome theatre. I would gladly go back again some other time to watch another show.

The attraction's celebrity
There are other activities to do after the show since there are a lot of galleries to enjoy inside Nido Science Discovery Center.  You can stay there for an entire day and never be bored. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to see there.

Oh yes, it’s good to do some kid stuff once in a while! I hope you enjoyed reading my MetroDeal review :)

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