Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Movie Stars Cafe at SM Mall of Asia

 I've never read or heard about the Movie Stars Cafe before I saw the promo at Metrodeal. I noticed that there were thousands buying the deal so I joined the bandwagon. I got three vouchers – one for myself, my brother and my best friend.

We were so excited to check out the place! The only thing that we did wrong was that we didn't call in advance to reserve a table. We got stuck in the center table which we have to share with other customers. It's not really that bad though since we are front and center of the stage with our Metrodeal voucher.

Before going there, I did a little bit of research and learned that the buffet consists of sausages, burgers and other finger food. Honestly, we were not that excited about the food. But man, oh man, we were so wrong!  We enjoyed their mouthwatering food that we had to go back to the buffet table twice.

I got assorted sausages, burger patties, onion rings and potatoes. I even made an aloha burger (remember the defunct Jollibee burger?). And the three of us agreed that their patty is something special!   No need to worry if you hate burgers and sausages – there's plenty of other food that you can eat. They serve teriyaki, fish fillet and beef steak.  Salad, steamed vegetables, fruits and desserts were also available for Metrodeal voucher holders.

Of course, we came there not only for the food but also for the “movie stars” All around the place you will see large statues, movie props, celebrity autographs and servers in full costume. The walls are lined with lcd screens. Everywhere you look, you will be reminded that you are inside Movie Stars Cafe.

The show was very entertaining – something you should look forward to! I can't remember exactly how much production number they did. I just remember being really entertained.  If you go there, I assure you that you'll never be bored.

We managed to get a few photos of the interesting actress and actresses. We also took turns in having our pictures taken with the characters. It was such an amazing night! Thank you Metrodeal!

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