Sunday, June 23, 2013

Congo Grille Voucher Discount Review

My mother absolutely loves Filipino food. I’m so sure that she would choose bibingka over the best cake in the world! For the past three weeks, we’ve been endlessly eating sinigang, kare-kare, paksiw and other Filipino dishes. She never seems to get tired of it! I cannot say the same thing for myself though. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good idea to invite her to Congo Grille since I had 3 vouchers worth Php1500 (which I got from Metrodeal).

I asked my brother to call Congo Grille a couple of hours before going there with our Metrodeal vouchers. They reserved a table for us even though there’s fine print on the voucher that we’re supposed to call 2 days in advance. When we arrived at the restaurant, nobody attended to us for a while. We had to call their attention before they seated us. We seriously thought that we would not enjoy our dining experience there! But things changed when we got the menu. We got excited because their menu was quite extensive and they have a lot of delectable new dishes.

We were so surprised to see that everything on the menu was affordable. We were supposed to use 3 Metrodeal vouchers but we decided to use 2 vouchers instead. My mom predictably chose Sinigang from the menu but we persuaded her to try other dishes. With our 2 Metrodeal vouchers worth Php 1000, we got Vegetable Kare-Kare, Shrimp Thermidor, Sizzling Clams with Tausi, Sizzling Spicy Salmon Belly, and Congo Rice


 We loved everything that we ordered! Every single dish that we got were mouthwateringly good. We even enjoyed the Congo Rice which we thought was black squid ink rice. Well, we’re still not sure what kind of rice it is but we loved it! For that night, the hits were the Kare-Kare and the Salmon Belly. Although I was already satiated with Filipino food, I still enjoyed my dining experience.
Thanks Congo Grille and Metrodeal for letting my family enjoy good Filipino food!

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