Monday, June 3, 2013

My Crown Regency Cebu Experience

My family and I just came home from our Bohol-Cebu vacation. We spent four days under the sun and we enjoyed every minute of it! The trip was my treat for my older brother’s birthday. It’s also sort of my welcome-home-gift for my mother who came to the Philippines from the US to celebrate my brother’s birthday with MetroDeal.

 What made this trip sweeter was our stay at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. I got two vouchers from MetroDeal for only Php4554. That’s really cheap considering that we got two rooms at a 4-star hotel. Reservation was quite easy - all I had to do was to e-mail the contact person and they arranged everything.

They gave us a room at the 23rd floor. It was clean, elegant and surprisingly spacious. The view from the room was amazing since we can see almost the whole city. Beside the window, there’s a cozy chair where you can just lounge around while looking at the city. 

There are three Crown Regency Hotels in Cebu – (1) Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, (2) Crown Regency Suites & Residences and (3) Crown Regency Residences. We chose hotel Crown Regency Hotel & Towers because of the Sky Experience Adventure. I already tried the Edge Coaster before so I urged my brother to try it. He’s bit of a thrill seeker so he said the experience was just so-so. He felt this way probably because he already rode a zipline over a river (and from mountain to mountain) a day before. But I tell you, when I tried it two years ago I literally cried out of fear. 

The hotel’s location is so perfect for me, thanks MetroDeal. There is Starbucks at the ground floor of the hotel. When we ate dinner, we just walked a couple of minutes to get to the ever famous Zubuchon restaurant. If you are watching your diet and don’t want to eat lechon, you can also easily walk to Dimsum Break, Sunburst and other restaurants. Larsian, which is also very famous food haven, is also not so far away. Best of all, the hotel is near Shamrock Bakery and Restaurant – one of the best pasalubong shops in town. We bought all our pasalubongs here – otap, rosquillos and dried mango. And if you want to go somewhere else, it’s very easy to hail a cab.

If you’re ever going to the Queen City of the South, be sure to check out Crown Regency. Thank you Crown Regency and Metrodeal!


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