Thursday, June 6, 2013

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at SM Mall of Asia

Hong Kong is one of my favorite places in the world. Everytime there’s a chance, I make it a point to buy tickets bound for HK. There so much to love about Hong Kong - I love the weather especially during the winter season, I love just walking around, I love the people and most importantly I love their food. That’s the reason why I didn’t hesitate to get a couple of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe vouchers from I got two vouchers for Php500 and I saved Php500. Thanks Metrodeal!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is located at Mall of Asia. I already saw the restaurant before because it’s near IMAX but I never had a chance to eat there. I was so happy to finally try it.

I invited some of the closest people in my life to come with me to the restaurant for dinner. We were extremely hungry when we arrived at MOA. When we got the menu, we got so excited because there were so many wonderful choices. I have read that they have over 250 items on their menu! I took us about 10 minutes before we called the waiter for our orders. 

I ordered HK Braised Beef Brisket Bamboo Rice because it looked so good on the menu. I’m so glad I ordered it because it was delicious! I wasn’t able to finish everything though because there’s too much rice. My friend got the Char Siew 'N' Wanton Chilli Dry Noodles. I tried it and of course it was very spicy but very yummy! My other companions got the congee and ramen.  I just forgot what specific items they ate but from the looks of their faces, I think they enjoyed their food with our MetroDeal vouchers.

Since we wanted to try their dimsum,  we asked for the Crystal Har Gao.  Har Gao is what we normally call Hakao. It was a bit dry but still tasted good. For dessert, we had the Special Mango Snow Ice which we consumed in a flash.

I’m 100% sure that I’m going back there again. The place definitely takes me back to Hong Kong. If ever you’re in Mall of Asia, don’t be reluctant to try Xin Wang Hong Kong CafĂ©. The place looks gorgeous, their food tastes amazing and the prices are affordable.

Thanks Metrodeal for letting me try this fabulous resto!

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