Sunday, July 7, 2013

Muhlach Ensaymada Indulgence

I am a big fan of Ensaymadas. I’m not totally addicted to it but I buy when cravings kick in. I even buy 3-peso ensayamadas from our neighbourhood bakery. I know that there are lots of high-end ensaymadas being sold in the market. I’ve tasted some of those ensaymadas but I’m not going to name them here. Besides, one remains my favorite, and that is Muhlach Ensaymada from the Megamelt Bakeshop, for which MetroDeal has a deal.


Their ensaymada doesn’t look like the old-fashioned ensaymada which is flat and has the coiled design. It may be small but it is so delicious! The bread is soft, moist and has lots of cheese on top. Best of all, it is not expensive as compared to other commercial ensaymadas.

I’ve been talking about my mom from the past few posts. I just can’t help posting about her! She loves Filipino delicacies and she loves Muhlach’s ensaymadas just like me! Besides, she was the one who introduced the tasty pastry. I didn’t have the money back then so she was the one who bought the delightful bread by the box. Because we were 6 in the family, one whole box was usually consumed within an hour! Thanks MetroDeal!

I bought a couple of Muhlach Ensaymada vouchers from MetroDeal. I gave one to my mom and we claimed it at Alabang Town Center. Claiming was as easy as 1-2-3! Within just a few minutes of showing the voucher, my mom got her box of delicious classic cheese ensaymadas. She brought it to the US two days ago and I’m sure the box is empty now.

Oh, I can’t wait to get my own box this week! Thank you MetroDeal for the savings!

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