Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visiting DADS Kamayan Saisaki Buffet

They say that good things come to those who wait. I can definitely attest to that! I patiently waited for a good buffet voucher from MetroDeal and one day I just saw Dads deal. I immediately bought one for myself and some of my family members.

You see, when I was younger, there used to be a Dads (or maybe just Saisaki) branch near our place. Whenever my parents ask us where we wanted to eat, my older sister would always answer very quickly “Saiksaki. Ironically, we never ate there... ever. So that became like an inside joke for us.
When we grew up, we discovered Dad's in Glorietta and we loved the place. For us their price was affordable and their food taste great. Unfortunately, when other buffet places sprouted like mushrooms, we have forgotten about Dads.

I wanted to use my vouchers when my mom visited the Philippines. But during that time, it was extremely hard to call the reservation line. I dialed about a hundred times without success. Good thing when I called in last June, it was able to reserve easily.

Last June 24, we arrived at Dads Glorietta around 5:30 pm and they immediately attended to us. We had to wait until 6:00 pm for the buffet to start. I tell you, that 30 minute wait was pure torture for me since I was super hungry. When it was time to finally start, I immediately headed to the tempura station! Yummy!

Looking back, it has been about 2 years since I've last been to Dads. I must say, they improved a lot! There were so many new and old dishes that I tried. I had pasta, sukiyaki, sushi, grilled food, and all kinds of meat dishes. I tried every Filipino dessert and sampled some of the cakes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. The singers were so amazing! I spent a lot of time just listening to them (and not eating). I also love the fact that they have new promotions such as the free birthday buffet. It's also cool that they have people going around the restaurant offering food.
I will definitely go there back again! Maybe on my birthday? Thanks Dads and MetroDeal!


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  4. Any deal on October 3 lunch for 8 person