Monday, August 26, 2013

Doc Lawrence's skin whitening and IPL treatment

I think having a flawless, white underarms is a scene stealer. I remember watching my friend's theater performance one day and weird as it may seem, but I'm more focused on her lovely underarms than on her performance itself. I love the fact that I can wear sleeveless shirts, tank tops and tube tops and raise your arms with ease, without worrying about your dark, hairy bushes hidden under my arms.

But alas, dark underarms has been my problem ever since. I tried shaving, plucking and even using whiteners to achieve my dream of having white underarms. After several attempts, still i've no luck. Having flawless underarms is definitely not for me.

I know that all of the discount deals on IPLs and underarm whitenings on different websites are usually hailed at Makati and Ortigas, and it's far enough for me. I've been living in Marikina all my life, and I usually travel from our place to Makati for 2-3hrs. I can't afford to travel and to pay additional fees for my transportation, just to get this done. I'm still hoping to find a discount promo like this one where I can go on weekends and is just a few minutes ride for me.

Doc Lawrence clinic, one of the well-known beauty clinic in our area has a promo posted on MetroDeal. The IPL hair removal and skin whitening treatment is just a perfect match for me, for it's only 99 pesos and it's just a few blocks away from our place. I've heard so much about the said beauty clinic and I was amazed on the results from them. And because of this amazing find from Metrodeal, I bought 10 vouchers from the site and booked myself for reservations.

I went there and the receptionist assisted to the room where the IPL and whitening procedure takes place. The attendant who will do the procedure has put me at ease, for I thought the IPL treatment was THAT scary, but it's not. The IPL was fast and not painful, and the whitening treatment is ok for me.

After the session, I was surprised that my skin is now lighter and cleaner. The attendant who did the procedure told me that it's a good thing that I purchased 10 vouchers from Metrodeal for it'll took 10 sessions in order to see the best results, and I can't wait to have my life-long dream of having a flawless underarms in the soonest possible time!

I'm glad that Metrodeal has got this offer up and running on their site, wee!  

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