Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Singapore Food Street Podium Mall

I’ve only been to Singapore twice in my entire life but I can say that I love their food. Sometimes, I crave for hawker food so much that I just want to fly back to the Lion City. How I wish I could do that! Luckily, I don’t have to spend thousands of pesos just to satisfy my cravings since there are lots of Singaporean restaurants in the Philippines now.  

I have tried a couple of Singaporean restaurants here in the Philippines before (Wee Nam Kee, Toast Box  etc.). I noticed one thing in common – the food is expensive. That is not the case with My Sinagpore Food Street since they actually sell affordable food.

My Singapore Food Street is located on the second floor of SM Megamall. If you hangout at this mall often, you may remember that it was formerly called the Orchard Road. A couple of years ago, when I heard about the restaurant, I wanted to try it. It was just too far from my house so I never really had time to go there. When Metrodeal sold the vouchers, I just couldn’t pass up the deal. I got the Php250 voucher for Php500 worth of food.

The voucher allowed me to order Char Kway Teow, Nasi Goreng, Charsiew Pork and extra rice. I only had to pay about 40 pesos. I super love Char Kway Teow from SG and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed with their take on it. Their Nasi Goreng is yummy too. I enjoyed the charsiew pork but a little improvement wouldn’t hurt. If I had two stomachs, I would have tried Laksa and the very famous Hainanese chicken. I shared the meal with my best friend and we had more than enough. Actually we were stuffed after the meal! 

Aside from the food, I can commend their servers. Service was extra fast! We didn’t have to wait for too long for our orders. I think it was less than 5 minutes but I may be exaggerating. All I know is that they are very impressive.

I know I’ll visit this resto again in the future. Thanks Metrodeal for making this happen!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Enclave Getaway from Metrodeal

Dad just got home from Dubai, and we all like to have an exclusive vacation away from the city. Me and my sister are eager to have this event happen for we miss our dad and we've been all sick and tired from our work. It's also our way to bond with the whole family, for daddy's been in Dubai for 4 years already.

We were thinking of hanging out with other relatives in a private pool or going to the beach, or to hang out in a mall or to stay at home. As long as it's a private vacation with the family is ok wth me, as long as we have a perfect bonding with each other and to enjoy each other's company.

After looking for vacation promos on different group buying and daily deal sites, the Enclave getaway from Metrodeal looks promising to me. For P4500 pesos, we can stay in The Eclave's executive house for an overnight stay, complete with a complimentary breakfast and free swimming pool usage. Good thing that the price posted at the Metrodeal site is good for 6 persons. After looking at The Enclave's website for their rates, I think this is a great promo. I had a chat about this with my older sister and good thing that she also likes the promo too.

After buying the travel deal to the Metrodeal Site, I talked to my mom and dad about the promo that I recently purchased and they like the idea of having an intimate family getaway. So we talked on our preferred schedule, called The Enclave for reservations and went to Angeles, Pampanga for that well-deserved rest and recreation.

As we arrived at The Enclave's executive house, we are amazed at how beautiful the place is. Beautiful is an understatement for words can't describe how serene the place is. It has fantastic interiors, peaceful aura and blissful scenery perfect for those who wants to have fun and taking your mind off to the stressful things around.

Dad, mom, my older sister, and my two younger twins love the place overall. They went around The Enclave, dive into their pool, taking pictures at the garden, having a massage at their spa and do some cardio exercises at their in-house fitness center. Because of my need to destress, I went to their spa to have an invigorating massage and went straight to the bed.

I'm happy to see my dad and my mom having a good time during our stay at The Enclave. Thanks to Metrodeal, we enjoyed this delectable treats at the fraction of the cost!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The fondant cake full of love for my daughter's special day!

My youngest daughter is turning 18 and she's getting older in a few month's time. Since she'll be a debutante in a month's time, I asked her what she wants on her special day. She is an active and sweet girl, with a lot of achievements in her hands. She deserves to have a grand celebration in her coming of age, that's why we are planning on giving her a grand celebration. :)

We've already made everything ready: the food, the venue, the dress, the party sequence... but there's something that is missing and that is the cake! With only a limited time and money left for us to book for the perfect cake for my daughter's 18th birthday, decided to scout for designer cakes that is budget friendly and pretty at the same time.

I've been scouting for bakeries and cake stations around the metro, and most of them are way in my budget already. We are not resorting to buying cupcakes until we saw this promo from Metrodeal:

I'm delighted that I saw this to their website! The cake measurements (Size of cake is 12”, 9”, and 6” diameter x 5.5” height per layer; height of cake approximately 21” tall) is just right for us, and they are also available in different flavors and designs. After searching everything about Cakeline, I'm convinced that buying this amazing amazing Metrodeal promo is all worth it because of their reputation as one of the leading wedding cake suppliers around.

So I went to, bought their voucher and called the supplier for my preferred design, color and flavor. I told them that the cake needs to be delivered on my daughter's birthday even if I need to pay for the shipping and they did. I'm so happy with the cake itself.

The green elegant lemon butter cake was perfect! The cake is baked perfectly and the taste is just right for all of us. The design of the cake is also exceptional, it was simple, elegant and beautifully crafted to the occasion. I can't help but to think that the cake is generic for them, but for me it was one of the most beautiful that I've seen.

We went on to the festivities at my daughter's birthday and everyone is in awe at the cake's exceptional beauty that even my daughter Sophia and her friends love the cake's design, they thought that the cake is expensive and custom made. Well I proved them wrong lol!

The Cakeline deal from Metrodeal is all worth it, and I am thankful that Metrodeal has this posted on their website.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Metrodeal's Multifunctional clothes rack

It's the rainy season once again and it's gonna be hard to have your clothes dry. I'm not usually use the dryer from my waching machine to wring them all out, for my mother always tell me that ihanging the washed clothes outside is best to make sure that all of my skirts, dresses and shirts are all dry.

But whenever there are sudden downpours and rains around the Metro, I had to admit that I'll be having a hard time getting all the clothes from the clothesline and thinking on where to place the almost-dried clothes. I worry on the soiled clothes during the rain, and I'll be having a problem hanging them to have them airdry inside the house. We only have a small place and it's a major burden for us to create one to become a makeshift clothesline.

I've been looking for possible solutions on this one, until I saw this clothes rack from Metrodeal:

I think it will be convenient to have this product, especially during the rainy season. The two-way clothes rack is a great addition to the house, and it's useful in so many ways especially at this rainy season. It can be used as an in-house clothesline and a temporary space for ironed clothes. It is also durable and strong for it can hold lots of clothes, jackets, dresses and many others. And because of its mobile features, it can be easily moved everywhere around the house.

I'm finally convinced that I'll be getting the portable clothes rack from Metrodeal after reading the features from their website. I went straight to their website and buy the product in an instant. I followed the directions that is indicated in the website and waited for a week to have it delivered to our house. After I had it received and assembled, It makes me think that it's all worth it. I'm glad that the product is helpful in so many ways, especially at times like these.

I tried using the clothes rack one time after a sudden thunderstorm hit our place. Good thing that I got our laundry before it rains really hard. After getting the clothes from the clothesline, I immediately hang them on the clothes rack and have all my clothes air dried for the whole night. Because of its space-saving feature, I don't have to worry on my almost-dried-up clothes hanging everywhere.

Ergonomic design, great product, reasonable price, useful features. I am so thankful that Metrodeal has this product posted on their website. So happy indeed!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Handy dandy projects is now a breeze, thanks to MetroDeal

My dad loves to work on DIY projects all at once. He loves doing various DIY projects, handicrafts and even artsy stuff. That is why our place has too many handyman supplies, handicraft materials and many more.

What I hate most is that he is having a hard time using too many tools at once. He has dozens of tools already: a hammer, a set of knives, set of screws, nail claws, pieces of clamps and many more. He doesn't use everything, just few of them for his projects. I'm really sad that his workroom looks like a mess whenever he's looking for a specific tool for his work.

That is why I thought of buying something that can be used at once. Good thing that I visited MetroDeal and saw this amazing product:

Too many handyman supplies in one piece! This multifunctional tool can be used as a hammer, pliers,small/large knife , nail claw, nail file, serrated blade, phillips/slotted screwdriver, wire cutter and a bottle opener. This usable tool looks durable too for it's made of stainless steel. Because of its compact and sleek structure, it is guaranteed to last for a long time.

And since it's my dad's birthday in a few days, I decided to purchase this amazing product in the MetroDeal site. Went to the deal itself and click on the “buy now button”. I've never been so estatic before on my purchases online until today. After all, this one's for my daddy dearest.

Few weeks after I bought this deal, I finally got the handy handy hammer tool at our doorstep. Oh how I love how durable the product is and the quality is great, it makes me think that it's worth paying for. And I only got this for only 299 pesos, it's a real deal for me. Handy gadget friendly price = real steal.

As I handed this to my dad, he was happy and surprised that I got this from him. He loves the handy hammer tool to bits! Daddy used the gift that I gave to him the next day on his next DIY project and the tool never left his side ever since. I'm exalted that dad loves this.

I am one happy customer, MetroDeal has been a great help in having handy and unique products being posted in their site. Hope that I could see more deals like this in their site soon!