Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Enclave Getaway from Metrodeal

Dad just got home from Dubai, and we all like to have an exclusive vacation away from the city. Me and my sister are eager to have this event happen for we miss our dad and we've been all sick and tired from our work. It's also our way to bond with the whole family, for daddy's been in Dubai for 4 years already.

We were thinking of hanging out with other relatives in a private pool or going to the beach, or to hang out in a mall or to stay at home. As long as it's a private vacation with the family is ok wth me, as long as we have a perfect bonding with each other and to enjoy each other's company.

After looking for vacation promos on different group buying and daily deal sites, the Enclave getaway from Metrodeal looks promising to me. For P4500 pesos, we can stay in The Eclave's executive house for an overnight stay, complete with a complimentary breakfast and free swimming pool usage. Good thing that the price posted at the Metrodeal site is good for 6 persons. After looking at The Enclave's website for their rates, I think this is a great promo. I had a chat about this with my older sister and good thing that she also likes the promo too.

After buying the travel deal to the Metrodeal Site, I talked to my mom and dad about the promo that I recently purchased and they like the idea of having an intimate family getaway. So we talked on our preferred schedule, called The Enclave for reservations and went to Angeles, Pampanga for that well-deserved rest and recreation.

As we arrived at The Enclave's executive house, we are amazed at how beautiful the place is. Beautiful is an understatement for words can't describe how serene the place is. It has fantastic interiors, peaceful aura and blissful scenery perfect for those who wants to have fun and taking your mind off to the stressful things around.

Dad, mom, my older sister, and my two younger twins love the place overall. They went around The Enclave, dive into their pool, taking pictures at the garden, having a massage at their spa and do some cardio exercises at their in-house fitness center. Because of my need to destress, I went to their spa to have an invigorating massage and went straight to the bed.

I'm happy to see my dad and my mom having a good time during our stay at The Enclave. Thanks to Metrodeal, we enjoyed this delectable treats at the fraction of the cost!

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