Thursday, September 12, 2013

The fondant cake full of love for my daughter's special day!

My youngest daughter is turning 18 and she's getting older in a few month's time. Since she'll be a debutante in a month's time, I asked her what she wants on her special day. She is an active and sweet girl, with a lot of achievements in her hands. She deserves to have a grand celebration in her coming of age, that's why we are planning on giving her a grand celebration. :)

We've already made everything ready: the food, the venue, the dress, the party sequence... but there's something that is missing and that is the cake! With only a limited time and money left for us to book for the perfect cake for my daughter's 18th birthday, decided to scout for designer cakes that is budget friendly and pretty at the same time.

I've been scouting for bakeries and cake stations around the metro, and most of them are way in my budget already. We are not resorting to buying cupcakes until we saw this promo from Metrodeal:

I'm delighted that I saw this to their website! The cake measurements (Size of cake is 12”, 9”, and 6” diameter x 5.5” height per layer; height of cake approximately 21” tall) is just right for us, and they are also available in different flavors and designs. After searching everything about Cakeline, I'm convinced that buying this amazing amazing Metrodeal promo is all worth it because of their reputation as one of the leading wedding cake suppliers around.

So I went to, bought their voucher and called the supplier for my preferred design, color and flavor. I told them that the cake needs to be delivered on my daughter's birthday even if I need to pay for the shipping and they did. I'm so happy with the cake itself.

The green elegant lemon butter cake was perfect! The cake is baked perfectly and the taste is just right for all of us. The design of the cake is also exceptional, it was simple, elegant and beautifully crafted to the occasion. I can't help but to think that the cake is generic for them, but for me it was one of the most beautiful that I've seen.

We went on to the festivities at my daughter's birthday and everyone is in awe at the cake's exceptional beauty that even my daughter Sophia and her friends love the cake's design, they thought that the cake is expensive and custom made. Well I proved them wrong lol!

The Cakeline deal from Metrodeal is all worth it, and I am thankful that Metrodeal has this posted on their website.  

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