Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dakasi Voucher Experience

Coffee or tea? My answer to this question used to coffee. I used to hate tea with passion because I didn’t like the taste. Thanks to the milk tea craze, I can say that I now love tea! I am actually trying to stop myself from drinking too much. I can’t say that I am a tea afficionado yet...but it’s a step, right?

I still drink hot coffee because I kind of need it to properly function in the morning.  If I were to choose between frappuccino and milk tea - I would pick milk tea any day! I assume it has less calories and it’s definitely more delicious.

There are many pearl milk tea or bubble tea shops in the Philippines. I bet you can name at least 3 popular shops easily. But have you ever heard of Dakasi? Dakasi is a fairly new business here in the Philippines. It  is a milk tea shop from Tawain. They have been selling milk teas since 1990 and now they have hundred of shops all over Asia.

I was so excited when Metrodeal offered Dakasi vouchers. I haven’t tried Dakasi so I was really curious! Thanks to Metrodeal for always looking for good deals for us.

Anyway, I bought 3 vouchers - 2 for Dakasi Festival Mall and 1 for Dakasi located in Ermita. So far, I have tried Oreo Milk Tea and Okinawa Milk Tea. I added pearls and pudding too.
Both yummy!

Aside from these, they also have smoothies, yogurt drinks, and yakult. There are so many options that you won’t ever get bored. I haven’t tried Dakasi yet, try it now!

Thanks again Metrodeal for such a great deal.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fluffy Love! Metrodeal's In love with the life-sized Teddy Bear!

I simply love everything huggable, cute and fluffy. I like stuffed toys more than I love my usual pillow, for it gives me serenity and comfort everytime I'm with my furry stuffies. If you were to asked me, I prefer bunny rabbit and teddy bear stuffed toys for they are the happiest thing in the world. I'm actually searching for a stuffed toy that looks more life-sized than the small ones that can be put in my book shelves so that I could place them beside my bed where I can hug them while I'm on a deep sleep.

I saw a life-sized teddy bear on one of the famous specialty stores at the mall, but I find it expensive! To pay for 5000 pesos for the life-sized stuffed toy is too much for me, and Im thinking that the buyers will also think of the same thing if they see the price tag for the giant teddy bear. I think it's not worth the money.

A friend of mine who happens to be a fan for everything cheap and worthy, told me about the MetroDeal promo: this gigantic, fluffy and huggable teddy bear can be availed for only P1699! Looking at this promo it looks so too good to be true, but it really is! The 4 ft. 5in. Stuffed toy is almost as large as the teddy bear that I saw at the specialty store and a friend of mine who bought this beforehand grab ahold on this gigantic bear and loved it! It looks so fluffy and soft and beautiful, perfect for hugging during my emo times and a nighttime bedmate. It made me convinced to purchase the voucher and wait for it to deliver my baby bear right in front of my doorstep.

I've known Metrodeal as one of the prestige group buying sites around that offers travels, spas and food discounts, and it's also surprising to see them selling this cuddly teddy bear and all kinds of household products and convenient gadgets on their website! That's why I'm happy that they had this posted on their site!

As the giant teddy bear arrived, I can't help but to hug the giant fluffy toy. I fell in love as I looked at the toy. The bear is so gorgeous and huggable and lovely. It fits right beside my bed, definitely a perfect bedtime companion (and an imaginary boyfriend) for me.

Thanks so much Metrodeal for having this amazing teddy bear deal on their website! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flirty eyelashes, thanks to Get Lashed's eyelash extensions from MetroDeal!

it's natural for us Chinese not to have double eyelids and long eyelashes. I always make an effort to recreate one by purchasing eyelid tape/glue and falsies especially on special occasions. But there are some times that I wanted to have them both on a daily basis. I always envy those who are born to have eyelids and long, seductive lashes that makes one's eyes flicker, making them look flirty and lustful to those who looked on them.

They say that the eyes are the window to one's soul. My friends always told me that I had a pretty pair of Chinita eyes, something that is most common to us chinese. But for them, it can add shine to my eyes by having falsies so that it can highlight them. I have no problem buying a set of falsies if it's needed, but it's a hassle to place them to my eyes everyday! Some say that it's more natural to have individual lashes instead, but it'll took a long time to apply each individual piece in my poorly small eyes.

My friend Macci told me that if I wanted to have lashes that'll stay to my eyes for a very long time without the pain in the ass, having them on the eyelash salon is the good thing to go. I'm having second thoughts at first, for I've no idea on the exact procedure. I researched for this and good thing that it's a great procedure to do, but it doesn't come cheap. Good thing that there's this amazing eyelash deal with 60% off at Metrodeal! it's more than half the price!

Now what's the catch on this cheap treat? The semi-permanent eyelash extensions is a good thing for lash extension newbies who wants to experience having long, seductive and lustful lashes that'll make everyone look for a long time. It has a full, but less condensed coverage that makes one's eyes look natural without having a “drag queen” look. Their chain of clinics, especially in Ortigas is clean, cozy and homey. I'm pleased that it has it's own share of good reviews from various beauty blogs, and this made me convinced to buy on this amazing promo and get ahold on the vouchers from the Metrodeal site.

The process is fast yet accurate: they placed the lashes one-by-one and glued it in place. It took almost an hour for the procedure to take place and I love the effect it does in my eyes! It feels like magic, it looks seductive and lavish and beautiful, makes me feel like i'm some kind of a fierce kitty lol!

Overall, I love the people, the end result and of course the drop-down promo posted on Metrodeal! I'm one happy customer!

False advertisement on Metro deal!

i availed the promo offered by Metro deal for hotel accommodation at citta vivere. It was too late to realize that I should not have purchased it online. After purchasing, I called Citta vivere and made reservations, then was advised to send the voucher, no acknowledgement was received. Then on the next day, I called again to confirm the reservation. Upon arrival, there was no reservation under my name! To make the long story short, they still accommodated us. so went to the room the receptionist assigned to us. It took me 10mins before i was able to open the door! yes, the bed was clean but when we are already lying, for every you move you made, a noisy sound can also be heard! no heater, no soap! and for you to have access on their wifi, you should be outside your room! the experience was totally so disappointing that made me decide I will never, ever, purchase at Metro deal! if only I can refund what I have already paid! I am not usually making post or reviews but I realized I need to do this. to give advise or help to those who might also a victim of this false advertisement! and please, do believe in the reviews! it was an actual experience that might help you in choosing the right place for your accommodation.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Metrodeal's Gerry's Grill promo

What I like most about Gerry's Grill is the selection of food and drinks at the fraction of the cost. Me and my friends used to dine in, hang out, have fun and drink while the band is cheering at the front, loving every moment while they are serenading us with lustful lullabies and tearjerking love songs. Ever since when I'm still in college, Gerry's Grill has been a known name for us who wants to seize the moment and have a bonding together.

Well of course, there are other restaurants that came to mind that also brings budget-friendly food and drinks, and luckily they did not disappoint. I love every minute of staying at the bars and restos that offers a unique ambience and hype as we are looking for something new. But of course the classic Gerry's Grill is still the best for us.

It is a surprise for us to see Gerry's Grill offering a huge 50% off at the Congressional Avenue branch, courtesy of MetroDeal. The said website is known for their massive discounts up to 90% on their massive display of products and services, ranging from hotels, spas, foodie treats, travel destinations, exciting activities and more. I'm more than glad that they got to have Gerry's Grill on their deal list, for I've been a fanatic of their food and the place itself.

A friend of mine has told me about this amazing treat. Good thing that we had our reunion in mind and we managed to get in touch with our college blockmates and scheduled our trip to Gerry’s. We told them that Metrodeal has offered this amazing deal and we all decided to grab this deal in a heartbeat so that we could have an accountable number of food and drinks during that day. Since the promo is only worth 250 for 500 pesos worth of food and drinks, We purchased 8 vouchers (4000 worth), schedule on the most preferred schedule, went to the Gerry's Grill and unleash the night with my friends.

And just like the old times, Gerry's Grill live on its name and reputation, giving us the best drinks, food and booze in the whole metro. The bands may be just a great as the other bands being lined up before, but they still offer the same surreal aura that everyone enjoys. We share the good ol' moments during our tertiary days, our past teachers, the life after graduation, work related rants and our future plans. It's good to see the old familiar faces and to relieve the memories on our college life.

I'm happy that Metrodeal has this amazing promo, i'm still in awe that they had this on their website!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Metrodeal's Glorious Gerald Brasserie Dessert Cakes

Ahh sweets. I've been in love with all kinds of candies, sweets and cakes. I see to it that I'll be having a slice of this decadent treat after I had my usual dinner or lunch, especially when I'm accompanied with my friends.

But cakes has been, and will always been expensive if availing it on an everyday basis. A single slice alone is priced at 50-300 pesos, and the price depends on the quality, the brand and the taste itself. That's why I opt to treat myself on a slice of my favorite cake every other week.

Then Metrodeal, the said to be the leading group buying site in the country, has this amazing cake offer from Gerald Brasserie. I heard little about the Gerald Brasserie Bakery that is situated near my office in Chino Roces, Makati. What I like about it is the bakery's cozy atmosphere where you can dine in and relax. But the thing that I like most is their line of cakes itself. Decadent, moist, absolutely baked to perfection. Their cakes may be priced higher, but now the 300 pesos worth of dessert cakes and Iced tea can now be availed for only 180 pesos with the help of the Metrodeal promo.

Sounds really cheap right? You bet! I've been searching far and wide about Metrodeal and I'm happy that it's not an online scam site. Though they had some bad reviews posted on different websites from the site's previous merchants (as I heard and searched online), I'm happy that they cater to a lot of customers who are throughly contended with Metrodeal's line of enchanting deals that has amazingly-priced discounts.

I bought tons of vouchers from the Gerald Brasserie Bakery deal and availed on it using the printed vouchers that I bought from them. Good thing that the said deal is available on different cakes, namely: Chocolate Pyramid (crunchy hazelnet center), Kenya (coffee mouse, chocolate ganache), Intense Chocolate, Apple Tart (caramelized apples), Tarte Tatin (with meringue), Blueberry Tart, Lemon Tart, Strawberry Cake, Opera, Tiramisu and Framboiser. And to have a glass of iced-cold iced tea and it's one delicious treat.

I used the promo with my best friend who hasn't tried the cakes from Gerald Brasserie. She's all thrilled as well for she's also a sweet tooth as well. I'm glad that she loves my personal favorite Tiramisu and Blueberry Tart, for it's so moist, decadent and sinfully delicious. I'm in all tears that she also enjoys it as well.

I'm happy that I get this deliriously sweet promo from Metrodeal. Hoping to see this deal again soon! :)