Tuesday, October 22, 2013

False advertisement on Metro deal!

i availed the promo offered by Metro deal for hotel accommodation at citta vivere. It was too late to realize that I should not have purchased it online. After purchasing, I called Citta vivere and made reservations, then was advised to send the voucher, no acknowledgement was received. Then on the next day, I called again to confirm the reservation. Upon arrival, there was no reservation under my name! To make the long story short, they still accommodated us. so went to the room the receptionist assigned to us. It took me 10mins before i was able to open the door! yes, the bed was clean but when we are already lying, for every you move you made, a noisy sound can also be heard! no heater, no soap! and for you to have access on their wifi, you should be outside your room! the experience was totally so disappointing that made me decide I will never, ever, purchase at Metro deal! if only I can refund what I have already paid! I am not usually making post or reviews but I realized I need to do this. to give advise or help to those who might also a victim of this false advertisement! and please, do believe in the reviews! it was an actual experience that might help you in choosing the right place for your accommodation.

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