Monday, November 18, 2013

Cotton Shirt from MetroDeal

it's a staple for me to have a simple white shirt that can be worn at almost everything on skirts, slacks, jeans and even on top of dresses. I love the pureness of the white shirt it's simple, clean and classy. That is why I had 4 pieces of white shirts in my closet.

Though I had enough pieces of white shirts for daily use, I can't seem to find a perfect set that is cotton made. Many of my white shirt are made of polyester and it looks kinda thin and old now, makes me feel uncomfortable at. A top-notch cotton shirt are now rare and pricey nowadays, but i'm positive that I can find one that costs less than the ones that are sold in department stores.

I'm still surprised that Metrodeal has a t-shirt deal posted on their website Hanes' round-neck cotton white shirt is a standout for me because of its supreme comfort and quality it could bring for all who owns one. It is considered as a fashion staple for everyone, and the one from Hanes is one of the expensive ones around that is strong and can last for a long time. Good thing Metrodeal has come with the deal where I can get 3 comfortable shirts for only 535 pesos, saving me a massive 43% off on the original price!

I've been a fan of group buying sites for they offer massive discounts on food, getaways, exciting activities and even amazing products that you can find online. What makes Metrodeal unique is the fact that they offer more discounts and products than on other daily deal sites. Payments are fast and smooth, that's why it's never a hassle to order online. That’s why I rather shop online at Metrodeal than on other deal sites around.

I purchased two Hanes cotton shirt vouchers for me and my fashionista friend (who's also a fan of classic white shirts), emailed the merchant on the vouchers that I bought and the specified shirt sizes, and waited for our shirts to arrive. We are all giddy and excited after we saw the crisp-white cotton shirt that looks tailored-fit for us. It's simple, classy and beautiful. Divinely wearable and comfortable at all occasions.

Buying the Hanes cotton white shirt sure is worth it. And we are able to get them at the fraction of the cost, thanks to metrodeal!

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