Thursday, February 27, 2014

What you need to know about purchasing designer bags online

Michael Kors, Longchamp, Tory Burch, Kate Spade... the list goes on for the list of designer bags that are made to ripoff. Yes, fake bags are spreading like a hazardous plague, and it's now being seen on different stores, variety shops and even on different online shops.

I know that it's one creepy idea for designer bag lovers, but not for those who are on a tight budget. I don't wanna buy designer bag fakes for I had my own experience on having fake bags that doesnt last long for me.

I've been a bag hag for as long as I remember, and I know where to look for designer bags here and online. No I won't give you any sites where they are selling budget-friendly but real designer bags. I'll be giving you lessons on what you need to learn about buying bags online:

Check on legit shopping sites online it's a must to check on recognized shopping sites online. retail shops online like Lazada, and some online shopping websites like Metrodeal are some examples.

Look on website reviews it's better to check on site reviews about online selling websites to ensure that the website itself can give you honest to goodness reviews and commentaries. The one from metrodeal reviews are apparent, and so are the reviews from other sites.

Make a research on the products and services being bought on those websites check on their product offerings and deals, the online store's services on their deals posted and its overall reactions.

Ask recos from friends better ask your colleagues, friends, loved ones, if they already had experienced buying from group buying websites and online shopping sites. If they had one, they will definitely tell you on their reviews.

So that's it! I'm not an expert in online shopping, just saying it because of my experience. Hope you can learn from me!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Original Le Pliage bags on a discounted price

it's sad to see branded bag ripoffs everywhere. It made me realized how hard it is to purchase one at the fraction of the cost, and everything original must be bought at such an outstanding price.

There are some sites though that sells branded luxury bags. I saw them on my friend who is also into branded bags, and for her being a bag addict, she's also into discounted branded bags. Good thing that she told me that there are some discount voucher sites that are selling original designer bags at the drop-down price!

I never thought of it at first, for I thought it was a total lie. But knowing that the bag's being offered at such a massive discount, it makes me think that it's gonna worth the risk. And besides, she already tried on buying the bag and I'm glad for her to have a designer bag at such a price!

Another thing that made me want to buy the bag on daily deal sites are its online reviews ( I've heard so many positive reviews on different blogs and websites, and there are some who wants to express their concerns, sentiments, rants and tantrums on the items that they purchased on certain discount voucher sites. I can't blame them though, for I share the same sentiments on my previous purchases that I did on those sites yet they are treating us cruelly, or their products are simply substandard. That alone sure is disappointing. (But pls don't get me wrong, I still love buying on group buying sites ( Who could resist buying these amazing deals at more than half the price anyway?

after days of bargaining and thinking on purchasing the offered deal, I got my credit card available to buy Le Pliage bag that I've been eyeing for months already. The gorgeous tote bag is just too perfect for me in so many ways it can be my travel bag, office bag and many more because of its simple but sleek design. The colors of the bag is also available in all my favorite colors beige, red and blue!

As the bag arrived, the obsessive-compulsive in me inspect the bag itself for thorough checking. I'm glad that the bag itself did not disappoint! The markings are there, so are the hidden authenticity marks that are tucked away from everyone who don't seem to care on the bag itself. And thanks to the sites that provides guides on checking the bag's genuine marks, they've been a big help in my checking too!

I'm glad for my purchase, now I can shop online on my next Le Pliage bag, and on other luxury bags as well!