Friday, March 28, 2014

Mama Granny's heavenly cheesecakes

every week, I see to it that I will be having a slice of my preferred cheesecake from various bakeries to compare which has essentially the most scrumptious cheesecake being created. Me and my boyfriend searched far and wide to possess my crazy cravings relinquished, if only chessecakes could be a lot more very affordable to everybody, then I'll be obtaining one in particular for the whole day!

I discovered that Mama Granny's has terrific critiques and been raving for their bestseller cheesecakes, however the cheesecake itself is darn costly - very good thing Metrodeal has a fantastic deal from their web page.

The 9-inch cheesecake deal only charges at 397 pesos and is readily available on distinct flavors. Too bad the blueberry cheesecake will not be readily available, so I resort to their strawberry or mango variant.

What I like the most in regards to the deal is the fact that it really is all reasonably priced and due to the fact all of their items and solutions came from recognized merchants, I understand that I'll be taken care of. Fantastic factor you will find constructive metrodeal reviews here on the world wide web, and i'm glad that understand that I will be taken care of following getting their vouchers from their website.

Immediately after having my voucher prepared, I instantly phoned Mama Granny's for reservation and pickup schedule and picked up the chessecake at their office. Pick-up at their office is actually a breeze, and their strawberry cheesecake is among the greatest that I've ever tasted. Decadent and mouthwatering, creamy and smooth. The 9-inch cheesecake is something that I would like to devour, but I am required to watch my weight and I wanna share this exciting discovery to my friends.

Looking forward to yet a different good promo from Metrodeal!