Saturday, September 20, 2014

Having a feast fit for a king at Buffet 101!

Could not believe that I'll be getting my birthday at Buffet 101! I was informed by my own sister that she'll be treating me for weekday lunch, but I never thought that it'll be at probably the most visited buffet restaurants in the entire Metro!

I know that the price tag on their buffet costs too much even for their weekday promo, but she informed me that she bought vouchers from Metrodeal, where their Buffet 101 promo costs half the cost! Now that's really something!

One of many things that I like about Buffet 101 will be the service. The staff are all awesome in looking after our purchased vouchers, drinks and on the things that we asked for. Food is absolutely divine, with lots of choices from their sumptuous delights and desserts, and many of us went home plenty full and happy.

Food is awesome, and a lot of thanks to metrodeal for that awesome promo!

For more review and testimonials, see link

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