Thursday, October 30, 2014

Add color with your xmas decors with LED ice drop lights

Christmas is definitely one the most popular time of the year! On this season, I'd love to decorate from the usual shirts to matchy sweaters, long sleeves along with cardigans to anything with footwear, pointy heels and dainty shoes. I also adore the colorful christmas decors hanging on your doors and christmas trees, as well as the dancing lights makes me giddy such as a child! No christmas is complete without looking at the spectacle of lights that makes you fall in love yet again.

But to buy LED lights for decors this holidays can really pricey. I remember my neighbor buying a type of LED lights and it costs him a hefty n amount of money! Though I had to admit that she really can afford it as well as LED lights are much safer to use when compared to a christmas lights but to waste too much on a seasonal stuff can be quite much impractical.

Good thing I saw Metrodeal's promo on LED Lights this falling snow effect LED lights only costs 599 pesos rather than 1200 pesos, now 50% off from the original price. Good thing they had this deal for I am a fan of a snow (there's no snow in Manila this is why! ) and I've been looking just for this LED light design for the actual longest time. Now's the best time for you to have one while it's still there.

So I bought the offer, have it delivered at any office and went home with these babies. Good thing the lights are all working and installing is a cinch. I can't help but to adore the d├ęcor after the setting up, everything's fell into place.

It was a money well spent. Glad i always made a choice, thanks to the amazing promo from Metrodeal!

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