Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The batter dispenser that is good for baking and more!

I've been learning tips on how to bake, and I'm thankful that my dear husband is a wonderful cook. Ever since we started dating we make sure that we 'll be obtaining our homee dates, meaning we'll be having our dates in the home, watching tv and cooking home made dinner and stuff. What fascinates me more is that he also loves to bake. And he'll be teaching me tips on how to bake for starters.

I'm actually having difficulty mixing and putting on ingredients in the experimental cupcake that we're preparing, and because of that many of us ended up him not doing the vast majority of baking! I understand I'm a sore loser with baking, and if there's any product there that could make our baking more easy then it will be worth it.

And after My partner and i saw this batter dispenser from Metrodeal, I was thinking if this can really be useful, and I think it is. It can also be used for pancakes and many other. Now I have an excuse to buy one from metrodeal.

Despite having metrodeal complaints left and right, I had a feeling that they can deliver everything from their meal promos, travel deals and more. So without hesitations, I obtained this dispenser for my kitchen needs.

Glad that I bought one immediately! It's a big help to me in baking and cooking pancakes too. Happy for my purchase!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Fun Night Out

It is always a pleasure to have a fun night out for the team. I know it best! First I had a sumptuous dinner at Chateau in Greenbelt. Then it was time to change clothes and head to the bar for some drinks in BGC with some other folks who joined. What a special evening! I took below photos and want to share them with you here.

(c) Metrodeal Inc. 2014

(c) Metrodeal Inc. 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yummy delights at Vittorio's Steak House

Steaks, pastas and pizzas these are three of my favorite treats that are available at Vittorio's Steak House. It isn't everyday that I get to be able to dine in, hang out and have my fill on my favorite treats, for everything is a lttle bit pricey, and the place can be a hour's ride from my residence in Manila.

I've heard a whole lot about Vittorio's Steak House since its opening. They offered delicious steaks, freshly-baked pizzas and many more, and I saw positive reviews from the bloggers and their customers.

I could only go here whenever I'm with my friends, or if there's payday. Good thing i they had this promo published on Metrodeal, where I can avail in their 500 pesos worth of meal and drinks for only 299 pesos. Although they had a couple of metrodeal complaints posted online, I bought numerous vouchers on their website because they are one of trusted websites awarded by the Reader's Digest. this alone made me convinced to acquire the vouchers on their site.

Glad that I bought these vouchers! Now I saved more money and I can go again for more, I just have to purchase these discount deals on metrodeal! Looking forward for the future purchases!: )

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