Thursday, February 26, 2015

The amazing microfiber dry hair brush from MetroDeal

This is my daily dilemma- I usually have split ends and dandruff because I don't have time to dry my hair especially when i'm in a hurry. And because of this my hair hair is prone to be brittle and unruly too.

I can't find any solid ways to prevent my hair to have this particular ungodly sight. I always enjoy my long wavy locks, but if it's unruly and crazy then It will be an everyday disaster.

There's this one time i saw a microfiber brush that can guarantee to dry the hair within just minutes because of the microfiber strands attached with the body. I'd really love to have one really, but then it is certainly pricey for me. I'm still scouring for any great alternative that will keep my hair dry and healthy bath.

It is a surprise for me personally to saw this amazing promo from Metrodeal the microfiber dry hair brush can only be availed for only 399 instead of 1000 pesos, now that's a good deal! Because of this amazing promo I'll be getting one in a heart beat!

Can't wait to have this amazing deal soon!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Affordable vacation at Palm Plaza Hotel

Staycations are something that I've been doing for recent years whenever I want to get free from my usual routine yet I don't like to go far away from the metropolis. Having a place to stay and to unwind is a must, especially at this time where everything around me is a massive chaos and everyone around me stresses me out big time.

One of the nearest places for staycation personally is at Palm Plaza Hotel that is situated in Malate, Manila. It's not as grand as other hotels however it has a cozy room, comfy bed, useful amenities, and fast and efficient service. I think the place is wonderful for a quick getaway near the place somewhere in Manila.

Their rates are affordable enough for me, but I was surprised that Metrodeal has a promo posted on their web site! Glad that they slashed the retail price lower than I expected, for there're now offering 17% discount on the room rates! Now every discount is an excellent deal, and this one happens to be a steal.

Now that they received this promo, I'll be defnitely buying this promo from Metrodeal, can't wait!: )

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