Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Budget-friendly Sagada and Banaue Journey, thanks to MetroDeal

I've watched “That thing called tadhana” months ago after it had been being shown in the movie. It was a cult hit, and somehow, I can see myself from the leading character. Mace has been a sweetheart who's been in a relationship with her boyfriend for almost 7 years. She even went abroad to be with him, only she caught him having an affair with a girl. Heartbroken, she went back, met a fellow filipino while at the airport, went on a detour instead on going home and had a roadtrip as far as Banaue and Sagada in order to maneuver on with the hurtful breakup.

Aside from the colorful story, the scenes from their travel abroad, their exchange of words and the wonderful scenes makes me want to be on vacation. The painful moving on process while these were in Banaue and Sagada struck me in a way that it's miles away form the mainland Manila, for it's natural beauty is so beautiful that this bewilders me (everyone) who journeyed there. Everything is well-preserved, unblemished, serene, with no hint of sky-high buildings that block the majestic scenery of the mountains.

But the trip by itself doesn't come cheap. The accommodations, the actual travel expenses, the food it costs me almost 1 / 2 of my bimonthly salary. Good thing that Metrodeal features this travel promo to Banaue and Sagada that has a massive 56% off on the original price. It's a good deal indeed! Not only I can save more money, it also offers much much better deal than from other traveling packages.

Thankful to have that deal! I've already made my purchase and I can't wait to have my family vacation in few week's time!

To learn more about Metrodeal complaints, reviews and more, check out the link here

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